Emergency Preparedness Information

Emergency Management

New York City is prone to a number of situations that make emergency preparedness not just a good idea, but also a vital one. There is a wealth of resources available to help you and your family become more prepared to deal with unexpected events (see links at right). Experts recommend for you to be prepared to take care of yourself and your family for at least 72 hours without outside assistance.

The Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation has its own Corporate and local response emergency preparedness plan. Working in conjunction with all Operating Corporation Departments, and with City and State Agencies (when necessary), the Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation is committed to being prepared in the event of an emergency.  Roosevelt Island has an Emergency Management Committee that meets bi-annually.  This committee is made up of our community partners and citizens to give guidance on our preparation and mitigation efforts.

You Help by Being Prepared

Preparing yourself and your family for an emergency is the best way you can help your community when disaster strikes. Resources during that time are stretched to the limits and the more you can take care of yourself and those around you, the better chance you will have of keeping a bad situation from turning worse.

  • Have an emergency response kit at home that will help sustain your family for 72 hours. You can find out what to have in this kit by going to the Preparedness links to the right or have information sent to you by calling 311.
  • Take a First Aid/CPR Class, have functional Fire Extinguishers, Smoke Detectors and Weather Radios in your home.
  • Have a bag in your vehicle with emergency clothing, first aid kit, flashlight, AM/FM Weather Radio (they are backed up by batteries), water, and non-perishable food.
  • Have a bag at your work place with the same, if your employer doesn't have provisions.
  • Have a Family Plan to ensure you communicate your safety status.  Try to plan this to minimize using phone and cell phones. Email and calls to out of state relatives often work the best.
  • Join or start a Neighborhood Watch Program through the Police Department.  These programs now also address emergency preparedness and Homeland Security issues.
  • Take Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training hosted by the New York City Office of Emergency Management.  Be prepared to help your neighborhood or work place in the event of an emergency. Call 311 for more information.

In the Event of an Emergency

  • Listen to your radio.  If you have a Weather Radio, it is backed up with batteries. The Weather Radio is now broadcasting significant public awareness events besides the weather, like Amber Alerts.
  • If the TV is working and the event is significant to New York City, the Mayor of New York will broadcast information on the major television networks and the New York City web site if possible.
  • Learn what it means to Shelter in Place, and be prepared to do so if requested. (You can find out how to do this by looking on the Preparedness links to the right or have information sent to you by calling 311.
  • Activate your family plan and ensure their safety.  Do NOT go to your children's school until directed to do so, as they have a plan in place to keep your children safe.  Roadways, like phone lines, need to be kept clear.
  • If you belong to a Neighborhood Watch, activate your plan to check on each other, neighborhood hazards and those in our community that are more vulnerable and may need assistance, i.e. handicapped, senior citizens and those who do not speak English.

Stay Informed During Non-Emergencies

  • For non-emergency outages and events specific to Roosevelt Island, you can keep informed by several methods:
    • Get ROIC Advisory information here
    • Call our information hotline at (212) 308-6608
    • Subscribe to receive RIOC Advisories here

Emergency 911

Call 911 for emergency police, fire and medical service.

After contacting 911, contact the Roosevelt Island Public Safety Department at (212) 832-4545

Be Prepared

  • Create a disaster plan and practice it
  • Designate and out-of-area phone contact
  • Put together a disaster supply kit

Following an Emergency

  • Avoid using the phone
  • Make sure your location is free of hazards
  • Check on family members and neighbors
  • Tune in to local radio and TV for updates

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