Dog Owner Responsibilites

Roosevelt Island Operating Corportaion

Policy on the Responsibilities of Dog Owners

New York State and New York City laws governing dog owners' responsibilities are intended to safeguard the health and safety of the public.The following policy for Roosevelt Island intends to safeguard the health and safety of Island residents and visitors.

It is the intent of the Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation (RIOC) to have a policy that is consistent with the regulations of the City and State of New York. As such, it is the policy of RIOC that responsible dog owners on Roosevelt Island will:

  • Have their dogs actively vaccinated against the disease of rabies and be able to provide proof of such vaccination;
  • Obtain a license for their dog from the City of New York (New York City Dog License Law, Chapter 115 of the Laws of 1894 as amended);
  • Attach a dog license tag to the dog's collar when the animal is in a public place (New York City Health Code d161.04);
  • Hold the dog on a leash no longer than six feet when the dog is in a public place (New York City Health Code d161.05);
  • Remove their dog's feces from any public areas (New York City Health Code d161.03 and New York Public Health Lawd1310);
  • Utilize only designated dog walk area(s) for off leash roaming of their dog; and
  • Except for service dogs, owners may not bring their dogs on Red Buses, in Tram Cabins or on the Tram Platform unless they are secured in a proper carrier.

Effective immediately, Public Safety Officers will enforce this policy and issue notices of violations to dog owners who are not in compliance.