Ben Fhala


Ben Fhala

Ben Fhala brings over 20 years of leadership experience in leading technical creative teams and consulting for Fortune 500 companies and global agencies. His passion lies in serving as a servant leader, empowering teams to create innovative applications across various domains, including security, finance, media, and agency work.

In 2021, Ben took on the role of Executive Vice President at RIDA (Roosevelt Island Disability Association), where he demonstrated exceptional leadership. During his tenure, he successfully increased the group's funding, coordinated multiple cultural events specifically tailored for the disabled community, and played a vital role, under the leadership of Wendy Hirsh, in addressing the needs of the local Food Pantry that serves our communities. 

Ben's unwavering commitment to the residents of Roosevelt Island and the community's future has been a driving force behind his nomination to the RIOC (Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation) board. He brings a wealth of knowledge, a passion for innovation, and a deep understanding of community service to his new role.

Currently, Ben holds the position of Senior Core Developer at Element Capital, where he continues to leverage his technical expertise and leadership skills to drive successful projects.