The Rec Room provides comfortable, modern furniture and state-of-the-art equipment and games, making it the perfect place to relax with friends, have a snack, work on homework, or simply unwind during a busy day.

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1. Be respectful of all people using the recreation room.

2. All games and use of the television are available on a first come, first served basis.

3. No food or drinks are allowed. Only snacks from the facility vending machines are allowed.

4. No eating allowed on any tabletop game. All trash must be disposed of properly in the appropriate trash bin.

5. Do not promote, encourage, or participate in illegal behavior.

6. Do not disrupt other people's games. This includes but is not limited to:

a. Harassment

b. Yelling

c. Playing music

d. Foul language

e. Fighting

f. Provoking violence

g. Cheating of any kind

7. Do not misuse the equipment.

8. Do not move or alter the equipment and/or furniture in any way or attempt to access the accessories cabinet. If you require assistance, please ask the front desk attendant. Only the ping pong table can be adjusted to allow for single practice play without the assistance of staff.

9. Return all gaming equipment and accessories to their designated position and/or location after each use.

10. If any equipment and/or accessories are damaged or not working properly, notify the front desk attendant.

1 1. There is a 2-game limit on all table top games when other players are waiting unless the winning player exercises their privilege under rule 12.

12. If a player wins a match on any tabletop game, they may continue to play the next opponent in line unless they voluntarily exit the game. This privilege is subject to a 30-minute limit.

13. Those wishing to play next on any tabletop game are highly encouraged to write in their name on the "Next List". Players must be ready to play

immediately once their turn is reached on the list, otherwise they will be skipped.

14. Use of the television is limited solely to programs and channels offered by Sportspark.

15. Do not attempt to connect your personal device(s) to the television via a cord, wireless pairing, or any other method.

16. Do not store items, belongings, or personal effects - including clothing - anywhere in the recreation room. All items left in the recreation room by close of business will be subject to the facility lost & found policy and may potentially be discarded.

17. In addition to these rules, all users of the recreation room are subject to any other policies posted within the room AND the Sportspark Code of Conduct.

18. Sportspark staff reserves the right to remove any user found to be in violations of these rules and/or the Sportspark Code of Conduct from the

Recreation Room.