Island Travel Advisory 2023

Tram Shuttle Service to Manhattan on Weekends in April 

The warmer months always result in an uptick in visitor and pedestrian traffic to the island. With the Cherry Blossoms in full bloom and EarthLove Day fast approaching, the following controls have been activated and will remain in place through the end of April:

Overcrowding Safety Controls:

  • Large crowds will be managed by PSD officers with the assistance of the 114th Precinct.
  • Parks will be monitored by PSD throughout the day. Please note that parks will close in the occurrence of overcrowding on the island. 
  • Cornell security has been alerted and will monitor and discourage large gatherings on the Cornell Tech campus.
  • Additional signage will be placed near the entrances and exits of the Tram on the Manhattan side to help ensure an orderly travel process.

Transportation & Island Services:

NOTE: Please plan your travel accordingly. While delays in Tram travel are to be expected due to increased ridership, the Ferry is a viable option; the F-Train remains a quick and efficient option for travelling to and from the island. 

Subway: F train service will run on normal weekend hours. Please plan your travel accordingly and visit or call 511 for more information. For electronic updates on F Train service, sign up for MTA Alerts at

Red Bus: RIOC’s Transportation Department will run a Tram Shuttle Bus from Roosevelt Island to Manhattan on weekends during the month of April. Shuttles will run hourly (traffic permitting) from 11AM to 7:30PM from the Roosevelt Island Tramway, making all northbound local stops to Capobianco Field (opposite PS/IS 217). The shuttle will depart on the half hour from the Manhattan Tram station, from the Southwest side of 2nd Avenue, between 58th and 59th Street, and will make all southbound local bus stops (starting with 591 Main St.) to the Tram. The last shuttle trips will depart from the Roosevelt Island Tram at 7 PM and Manhattan at 7:30 PM. Please note that regular Red Bus service may run on an adjusted schedule to accommodate the additional Tram shuttle service. 

Tram: PSD officers will be present at each station. Passengers should plan accordingly as they may experience long lines. (REMINDER: If possible, please purchase your Metrocard in advance of arriving at the Tram to help expedite your travel.)  

Ferry Service: Ferry service will run on normal weekend service hours, however, in the event of large crowds, service will be limited to essential workers only.  For schedule info, visit: 

Vehicular Traffic: In the event of overcrowding, vehicular access to the island will be restricted to island residents and workers only. PSD and NYPD will be stationed at the entryway of the bridge (Vernon and 36th Ave.) to monitor and redirect, if needed. 

Bicycles: Citations will be issued to any cyclist/motorized scooters who do not adhere to NYC bike laws.

Garbage Removal: There will be an increase in waste management this weekend to address any littering caused by overcrowding. 

For more information, please call PSD at 212-832-4545.