Motorgate Charging Stations FAQs

Motorgate Charging Station 3

  1. What kind of Charging Stations are on Roosevelt Island? Roosevelt Island has three (3) ChargePoint CT400 Level 2 Dual-port charging Stations, which can charge six vehicles total.
  2. What does dual-port mean? A dual-port station has two charging ports per station. This allows two vehicles to be charged simultaneously to one station and reduces the need for more stations on site.
  3. What type of EV vehicles can be charged on the ChargePoint EV Charging Station on Roosevelt Island? Our stations can charge all model vehicles. (Note: Tesla drivers are automatically equipped with Level 2 adapters).  
  4. Can these spaces also be used for parking? No, the spaces are for charging only. Once the vehicle is charged to capacity, the driver will be notified on the ChargePoint App to remove their vehicle. The vehicle must be removed promptly to allow others to charge their vehicles; if not, the driver will incur late penalty fees. 
  5. Are Charging rates included in my Motorgate Parking Pass? No, the charging stations are not included with the Motorgate Parking Pass. You will need a separate Motorgate Parking Pass to use the parking spaces at the Motorgate Garage. To charge an electric vehicle, view the station's availability, and pay rates, drivers will need to download and create an account on the ChargePoint App on Apple iOs or Android mobile devices. 

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