Tram Operations Update/Red Bus Shuttle Info

While we continue to follow social distancing and align our operations with New York Forward guidance, we have begun, and will continue to, incrementally increase the number of passengers permitted on the Tram. We are now increasing capacity from 13 to 20 per cabin and will continue to assess and gradually increase in phases. We understand the need for this mode of transportation, however, the health and safety of our riders and operators are our priority. 

Regular operation of the Tram requires daily routine maintenance of towers, ropes, and an overall assessment of the Tram cabins, which necessitates one cabin to go offline from 10 AM - 3 PM. With limitations on Tram capacity, beginning Monday, August 24th, we will provide a Red Bus shuttle option for travel to and from the Manhattan Tram Station. 

Red Bus Shuttle Service Info:

Available: Monday - Friday 

Boarding Locations/Routes: 

Roosevelt Island to Manhattan: board at the R.I. Tram Station. Shuttle will make all northbound local stops to Capobianco Field (Opposite PS/IS 217) 

Manhattan to R.I.: board at the southwest side of 2nd Avenue, between 58th & 59th Street. Shuttle will make all southbound local stops (beginning at 591 Main Street) to the Tram station. 

Frequency: departing on the half hour, from 10 AM to 2 PM 

Last Trip: Manhattan to R.I.: 1:30 PM Roosevelt Island to Manhattan: 1:00 PM 

We encourage riders to plan accordingly and anticipate increased wait times for both the Tram and Red Bus shuttle. Please also consider alternate transportation options such as the F-train subway, ferry, Q102 bus or car. 

We appreciate your cooperation during this difficult time.