Shelton Haynes Statement on Tram Crowding

I was very disappointed when I viewed the video of the crowded Tram cabin yesterday. RIOC has taken extreme measures throughout the course of the pandemic to ensure the general public and our employees are informed with digital and physical signage of safety protocols. We placed emphasis on wearing masks, using floor decals, and placing a limit on the number of passengers who board the Tram. We have also had success implementing social distancing protocols at the Tennis courts, Sportspark Pool, Youth Center, Farmers Market, and other RIOC operated spaces. 


We apologize for any breakdown of these safety protocols at the Tram. After this was brought to our attention over the weekend, I asked our AVP of Operations, Altheria Jackson, and Public Safety Chief, Kevin Brown to review all Tram safety operations. They toured the Tram stations early Sunday morning to address this critical matter.


Going forward, RIOC PSD will be present at both Tram stations in order to facilitate adherence to all safety guidelines. An officer will be posted at each station queuing travelers, ensuring that all passengers follow the Tram cabin limit, and that masks are being worn. We are scheduled to meet with Leitner-POMA, operators of the Tram, to discuss the matter further. RIOC will communicate any additional changes that may come from the meeting.


Please see pictures below:



Thank you.


Shelton J. Haynes

Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation (RIOC)

Acting President/CEO