Tropical Storm Isaias: Information Updates

Tropical Storm

According to NYC Emergency Management (NYCEM), Tropical Storm Isaias is expected to bring tropical storm conditions to NYC, including Roosevelt Island, on Tuesday, August 4th. 


RIOC is closely monitoring the situation and will follow up with advisories regarding updates on storm impacts to transportation, island closures, and any additional storm preparations. 


If you have an emergency, call PSD at 212-832-4545 or Dial 911.

Island Preparations:

In preparation for Tropical Storm Isaias, this is a reminder to secure your apartment. Make sure any loose, lightweight objects, such as patio/balcony/rooftop furniture, potted plants, garbage cans, garden tools, and toys are brought inside. We are urging extreme caution to be exercised and all necessary safeguarding precautions be put in place. 

Transportation Updates:

Tram Elevator- Updated 10:20 AM

In preparation of the incoming tropical storm Isaias, be advised that the Tram elevator will be temporarily taken out of service beginning at 12 PM to prevent damage to its electrical components. A follow up advisory will be sent after it is deemed safe to put the elevator back in service.

Tram Shutdown- Updated 2:45 PM

The Tram has now suspended service on Tuesday, August 4th, due to the extreme weather conditions associated with tropical storm Isaias. We will send an update once the Tram is back in service. 

Tram Service Restored- Updated 3:45 PM 

After a previous disruption, Tram service has now resumed. Please note that tropical storm Isaias may cause intermittent interruptions in service through Wednesday, August 5th.

Park Updates:

Park Closures- Updated 2:25 PM

All Roosevelt Island parks, including FDR Four Freedoms State Park, are now closed due to tropical storm Isaias. We will send an update once the parks are reopened.

Park Closures- Updated Wed., August 5th at 11:45 AM

Please be advised that all Roosevelt Island parks remain closed due to cleanup of excess debris from tropical storm Isaias. We will send an update once the parks are reopened.