#EarthLove Day

2022 #EarthLove Day: Saturday, April 30th, TBC

Roosevelt Island Celebrated Our Second Annual #EarthLove Day on Saturday, April 24, 2021!

EarthLove (1)On Saturday, April 24th, the Roosevelt Island community came together to celebrate the Earth! #EarthLove Day festivities took place on the Meditation Lawn and offered a multitude of fun, educational activities that raised awareness on ways we can help Roosevelt Island and our planet stay green and clean!

Attendees had a chance to donate old books at our book swap table and engage with R.I. community organizations, including iDig2Learn and the Roosevelt Island Garden Club (RIGC), as they shared information on composting, seed plantings, and plogging- a healthy way to jog or walk around the island while picking up litter polluting our beautiful space. R.I. Girl Scouts, as well as RIYC and Island Kids participants were on hand to volunteer their time prepping some of our Main St. Butterfly Beds for June planting at Roosevelt Island Day. A big thank you to them, our RIOC Grounds team, Green Roosevelt Island Neighbors (GRIN), iDig2Learn, and the volunteers from the RIGC and students from UNIS!

EarthLove (3)The day was filled with educational fun where engaged participants sported their Roosevelt Island #EarthLove Day face coverings. Happy Earth Day to all and remember to continue to implement healthy and sustainable habits into your daily routine that can help save the planet!

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EarthLove 2021 poster