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RIOC's Capital Project Tracker is an easy way for our residents and stakeholders to track the various stages of our capital program.

Each project goes through four phases: 1) Planning, 2) Design, 3) Procurement and 4) Construction. RIOC adheres to NYS Procurement Guidelines throughout each phase. During the Design Phase RIOC may have an open bid Request For Proposals (RFP) or contact an existing Architectural/Engineering Panel pre-selected via the RFP process to perform Design Services for planned project.



Bike Lane
On April 24, 2019, New York State Department of Transportation awarded RIOC funding for a Bike Lane along the East Promenade. This project will coincide with the existing Bike Ramp plan for a safe and comprehensive bike route on Roosevelt Island.
Planning$11MWinter 2022
Islandwide Security/Data Improvements
More information to follow soon.
Planning$300K - $500KTBD
Island Traffic Study
More information to follow soon.
Islandwide Elevator Assessment
This project is being reissued to vendors for pricing. 
Lighthouse Park Reconstruction/Expansion
RIOC will invest in a transformative capital improvement at Lighthouse Park. The project will expand the useable area of the park by repurposing the parking lots into active park space that better serves the community.
Motorgate Atrium Improvements
The project provide general improvements to the atrium which will enhance the user experience. Obtaining quotes for pricing.
Nellie Bly Memorial
This project will craft a memorial for Nellie Bly, the ground-breaking journalist who exposed the horrors of the Blackwell Island Insane Asylum in 1887 on Roosevelt Island.  Amanda Matthews has been selected as the artist. 
Planning$500K Fall 2020
Tram Plaza Stair Improvements
The project will reconstruct the path system to meet ADA standards.

Bike Ramp
The Bike Ramp project will provide a vital link for cyclists between the Island and dedicated bike lanes in Queens, NY. The proposed project is expected to be used by Island residents, visitors and commuters. It will also provide safety for both cyclists and motorists and increase ease of access for cyclists coming onto the Island.
Design $3.5M - $5MFall 2022
Blackwell Park Phase 2 - Playground
The project will upgrade infrastructure and amenities within the park including the addition of play equipment, improvements to drainage and the reconstruction of path system to meet ADA standards.
Blackwell House Plaza Pavers 
This project will be reissued to vendors for pricing. The project will upgrade infrastructure, reconstruct plaza paving, reconstruct sidewalks and improve plaza lighting.
Design$1M-$3MWinter 2020
Firefighter’s Field
The project includes upgrades of the existing field to include a new comfort station, reconfiguration of the field, and field lighting. This project will be funded and built by Hudson Related.  
Design$1M-$5MWinter 2020
Lighthouse Park Tower
The Lighthouse was severely damaged during Hurricane Irene and Superstorm Sandy. Netting was installed to prevent further deterioration of debris from the structure in Spring 2019 while designs for restoration are underway. The structure will undergo an overhaul to restore its interior and exterior.
Design$1M-$5MSpring 2021
Motorgate Electric Charging Stations 
We will install 6 charging stations in Motorgate garage through the NYSERDA grant program.  Work will coincide with ongoing work to improve the garage.
DesignTBDSpring 2020
Smallpox Hospital Stabilization
The stabilization study concluded in Schematic Design drawings detailing the structural needs of the ruin. RIOC is evaluating estimated costs to complete the restoration work. RIOC subsequently received $500,000 in funding from New York State to complete the stabilization studies and prepare full construction documents. Note: RIOC does not have construction funding for this project.
Design$500K -
Spring 2020
Southpoint Seawall/Riprap Development
This project will renew the landscape of Roosevelt Island’s East Promenade and waterfront within Southpoint Park. This includes a soft edge concept for the East Promenade which will allow the public access to the water’s edge. A new landscape, seating and walkway design will transform Southpoint Park Promenade into a new destination for passive recreation. To see the presentation on the project, click here.
Design>$10MWinter 2021
Sportspark Renovation - Phase 1
This project will be reissued for pricing to vendors. The facility must be renovated to accommodate modern operational needs.  Due to logistics and a desire to minimize closure of the facility, work will be executed in two phases.  This project will upgrade the pool wing of the facility.  Improvements include a new HVAC system, new windows, interior renovation to meet ADA code, upgrades to the locker rooms and bathrooms.
Design$3M-$5MSpring 2021
Sportspark Renovation - Phase 2
This contract will provide work needed for the gymnasium, multipurpose rooms, offices, west lobby and the west locker rooms. The improvements will ensure that Sportspark remains an affordable, active and engaged resource to island residents.
Design$5M-$7MSummer 2021

AVAC Upgrades
Roosevelt Island’s Automated Vacuum Collection system (“AVAC”) needs upgrades after 40 years of service. The upgrade includes electric work to restore the controls currently affecting daily service, upgrade of the control system and installation of new blowers in the Terminal Station, and new valves in existing buildings.
Spring 2020
Hope Memorial
The Hope Memorial, developed by Franklin & Eleanor Roosevelt Institute (FERI) and Roosevelt Island Disabled Association (RIDA), will be a memorial depicting a joyous moment when FDR has turned to greet a young girl who, like FDR, requires leg braces to walk. She has tucked her crutches under one arm in anticipation of shaking hands with the president in his wheelchair. The sculpture will be placed within an area in South Point Park. The same stone at Four Freedoms Park (FFP) was also specified for FDR Hope Memorial. This is intended to acknowledge a relationship between the two memorials and imply that the extraordinary accomplishments of FDR, which are celebrated at FFP, must be seen in the context of the physical challenges FDR faced.
Construction$500K-$1MSpring 2020
Manhattan Tram Elevator
The new elevator will have an all glass façade improving the appearance and the functionality of the station with two ADA cabs. To avoid impacts to residents and visitors, the existing elevator will be fully decommissioned after the first cab is functional for public use.
Construction$4M - $6.5MWinter 2021
Motorgate Repairs
This includes repairs of spalled and delaminated concrete support beams inside the garage, repair of concrete deck and ceilings, including connecting joints, application of waterproofing system on parking deck, ramps, walkways, and curbs, removal and replacement of existing floor drains, and restriping of parking spaces, installation of electric charging stations, and installation of new directional signage.
Construction>$10MFall 2020
Octagon Comfort Station
The Octagon Comfort station was constructed over 20 years ago and will undergo structural and programmatic renovations. Additional upgrades will be done to the seating, security features, and lighting design.
Construction$5M -
Summer 2020
Youth Center Renovation
Project includes replacing windows in the main room that overlooks the courtyard, modernizing and beautifying the layout and interior design of the facility, including upgrades to the bathrooms to conform to ADA standards, expanding the teaching kitchen, new lighting, doors and other critical systems.
Construction$2M-$4MSpring 2020