Civic Permits

Civic Permits is RIOC's online reservation and permitting portal!  

Users are able to:

  • Create a personal account to keep track of all requests and approved permits.
  • View availability of RIOC's permitted spaces through a real-time calendar.
  • Reserve space for one-time or multiple-date use.
  • Upload insurance documents.
  • Pay for approved reservations via credit card.

Civic Permits FAQ

Does Civic permits prevent double booking of a space?

  • "Bulk" scheduling periods will allow users to submit requests for any times and dates that fall within the current permit period.  Once Bulk scheduling is closed, new rolling requests cannot be made if a permit has already been issued, or is in the process of being issued, for the requested facility with overlapping dates and times.

Can I request multiple locations at the same time?

  • Yes, if the locations are grouped in the same category, such as two outdoor fields, or the Gym and Pool in the same facility.  Requests that range across categories, such as an outdoor field and the gym, require two separate applications.  

Can I make changes to a request once it's submitted?

  • Once a request is submitted, it cannot be altered.  If you need to make changes, you can cancel the request and start over, or submit an additional request if more time is needed.

How will I know if my request is approved?  

  • You will receive email updates at each step in the permitting process that explain the request's current status and what is needed to complete your reservation.

How do I pay online?

  • Click on the reservation you want to pay for, then click the "invoices" tab.  Click the Pay by Credit Card link, and enter your payment information.

Is my data safe?

  • The security of your data is very important to us! The Civic Permits server farm is located in a certified data center with redundant power and cooling, pre-action dry pipe fire suppression, and is staffed around the clock by senior system and network engineers.                        
  • Civic Permits utilizes highly durable and fault tolerant storage, with multiple levels of redundancy built in. Your data is stored in a securely isolated database and is accessible only to Civic Permits senior staff and you. Sensitive information, such as passwords, are stored with SHA-256 encryption and cannot be read by Civic Permits staff. All customer information is backed up hourly and securely transferred and stored with military grade AES-256 encryption to multiple off-site locations for disaster recovery.                        
  • Finally, all services are remotely monitored from 61 locations located throughout 14 different countries, to track uptime and response times and alert Civic Permits of any abnormalities in service or performance, all in real-time.

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