Regulations & Ticketing

In establishing Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation, the State Legislature gave the agency specific authority to “prescribe rules and regulations governing the operating or stopping of vehicles on Roosevelt Island.” (Chapter 899, Laws of 1984, section 13)


Roosevelt Island has some of the strictest traffic regulations of any New York community, chiefly due to its physical layout. The Island’s single roadway must be kept clear at all times for emergency access, particularly to the hospitals at the north and south ends of the Island. Traffic enforcement on Main Street protects pedestrians, keeps traffic flowing and the street open for emergency vehicles. Still, RIOC buses, Transit Authority buses, vans for the disabled, and some 5,000 cars manage to share Main Street each day.

Public Safety officers have the same authority as the New York City Police Department or the enforcement agents of the Department of Transportation’s Parking Violations Bureau (PVB) to issue summonses for parking violations and moving violations.


The summonses are issued in accordance with the New York State and City law, and responses should be submitted to the appropriate authority, be it the PVB or the State Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV), with fines collectible by those offices. As in other parts of the City, appeals must be made through the appropriate agency, PVB or DMV, not through RIOC or the Public Safety Department.


Illegally parked cars that have been ticketed are subject to towing by Kimberly's Towing, a Queen-based firm under contract to Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation. Once a vehicle is towed, its owner must pay the towing company charges , plus any storage fees as well as the summons fine. 

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