Sportspark Facility

Operated by the Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation, Sportspark is located just south of the Tramway Plaza on Roosevelt Island. The facility opened in 1977 and is available for the public to use on a membership, drop-in, or permit basis.

Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation’s President & CEO Shelton J. Haynes today announced revised pricing plans for the highly anticipated Sportspark Complex that reflect RIOC’s commitment to ensuring all island residents and visitors can enjoy what this remarkable, newly renovated facility has to offer. The facility’s grand re-opening is now scheduled for May 19, 2023. 

“We heard you loud and clear when it came to pricing our Sportspark memberships, and we’ve come up with a plan that we feel puts affordability and access first for island residents,” said Shelton J. Haynes, President and CEO of RIOC. “While adjusting the prices did require us to rethink some of our programming ideas, ultimately what we at RIOC want most is for everyone to be able to enjoy the incredible $12 million renovation that, when finally open to the public, is going to blow people away. I look at the before and after photos of the pool, the basketball courts, the locker rooms, and I can’t believe it’s the same building. The transformation is truly stunning and I’m excited for people to finally see the finished product starting at our grand re-opening on May 19th. Sportspark is going to quickly reestablish itself as a central hub for island activity, a perfect place to work out and have fun, and a destination for people to explore and enjoy from all corners of the city.”   

Resident Adult Memberships (island residents ages 18+) will now be $30-per-month and come with total access to the complex’s full complement of amenities, including the swimming pool, basketball court, fitness center, recreation room, and locker rooms. Non-resident Adult Memberships will be $70-per-month and come with the same access to the Complex’s full amenities. 

The Seniors (ages 65+) and Disabled membership rate is now set at $25-per-month and comes with complete access to the complex’s amenities. For Teens (ages 13-17), pricing is set at $15-per-month. Teens ages 15-17 will have complete access to the facility, while teens ages 13 and 14 will have access to everything except the fitness center and studio. To qualify, Teens must sign-up for their memberships in-person accompanied by a parent or guardian, and Seniors must provide proof of identity and age. 

Child Memberships (ages 12 and under) for Sportspark will be free of charge and must be added to an existing Adult or Senior Membership plan. While in Sportspark, Child Members must always be accompanied by adults and are restricted from using the fitness center and studio for safety purposes. 

For those looking to experience all that Sportspark has to offer sporadically without a membership, daily rates for adults (ages 18+) are set at $15, while the children’s (ages 17 and under) daily rate will be $10. (Parents or guardians must be present to sign a waiver for child drop-in members).  

Major improvements to the facility include:

  • A state-of-the-art fitness center;
  • A new pool & and elevated amenities;
  • Upgraded HVAC & Lighting;
  • Installation of energy-efficient systems;
  • A reimagined gymnasium;
  • A recreational game room;
  • Brand-new locker rooms;
  • Brand-new single & family restrooms;
  • Brand-new showers;
  • A fitness studio;
  • Event function space;
  • Renovated common areas;
  • A reception check-in system; and
  • Resurfacing of the building’s façade.


Hours of Operation:

Monday – Friday

Saturday – Sunday

7 am – 8 pm

9 am – 5 pm

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