Finance Department

Mission Statement

The mission of RIOC’s Finance Department is to provide accurate and timely financial reporting, maintain financial oversight through internal controls, act as effective stewards of the public funds entrusted to RIOC, and to communicate important data and insight to support decision makers, furthering RIOC’s larger mission. The Finance Department is a cohesive team of professionals dedicated to continuous improvement, reliable operations, and the fulfillment of RIOC’s fiduciary and regulatory responsibilities.  

Areas of Responsibility

Core Values


  1. Strive to provide accurate, relevant, and reliable financial information, delivered in a timely manner
  1. Continued professional education


    1. Honesty and ethics are paramount 


    1. Fiduciary responsibility
    2. Safeguard information


    1. Provide training and support to RIOC staff 
    2. Provide insight and recommendations to RIOC management and leadership

                                i. Emphasizes problem solving, often through quantitative analysis

    1. Collaborate with others to help them complete assignments and achieve goals


    1. Communicate clear information to legislators, the public, RIOC staff, and to other stakeholders
    2. Communicate with respect and professionalism