Parking & Vehicle Rules & Regulations

Keep up to date with Roosevelt Island parking and vehicle rules and regulations, as well as NYC rules for alternate side and metered parking.

Metered parking is in effect from 7 AM to 7 PM, Monday through Saturday on Roosevelt Island. Meters are not in effect on Sundays and Major Legal Holidays. Roosevelt Island residents can now park their cars overnight for free in any of the islands’ street parking slots. 

Parking on Main Street

All meters are 50 cents for every 15 minutes

  • From the Octagon Field Comfort Station south to Gristedes (686 Main Street): 6 Hour limit.
    • Designated handicapped/disabled parking is located on the west side of Main Street, in front of Manhattan Park (10 to 40 River Road), opposite the Motorgate Parking Garage.
  • From 625 Main Street south to 501 Main Street.: 45 Minute limit.
  • West side of the Riverwalk buildings: 2 Hour limit.
  • East side of Riverwalk buildings 455, 465, and 475: 2 Hour limit.
  • East side of Riverwalk buildings 405, 415, and 425: 6 Hour limit.
  • West side of Sportspark: 3 Hour limit.
  • The Loop Roads around Cornell Tech: 6 Hour limit.

Temporary Alternate Parking Suspensions

Alternate side parking regulations may be suspended temporarily in parts of New York City in order to post new regulations. When the Department of Sanitation must change street cleaning rules, regulations are suspended temporarily to allow DOT to update signs in the affected area. These suspensions do not affect parking rules other than alternate side parking rules.

When the new signage has been posted, the Department of Sanitation provides a weeklong grace period during which its crews will clean streets according to the newly posted schedule, but will not issue summonses. At the conclusion of the grace period, enforcement of the new rules begins.

To sign up for parking alerts click here for further information.

Parking in School Zones

  • If schools have summer sessions or are open for teacher meetings or similar activities, even if students are not attending, the parking regulations apply on such days.
  • Individuals should contact specific schools to verify that they are in recess. Go to 311 Online to locate an individual school.
  • Parking is allowed in school zones when school is in recess. However, motorists should be aware that specific schools may be open on holidays and during summer vacations, and parking restrictions would remain in effect.