Vehicle Safety

  • If you are told by a passing motorist that something is wrong with your vehicle - or if someone bumps you from behind - do not stop. Drive to the nearest well lighted public area and call for assistance (police emergencies - dial 911).
  • Always keep doors locked and windows up when driving or parked. Keep valuables in the trunk or locked glove compartment. Learn the signals of the emergency vehicles (police lights are blue or red).
  • Do not stop for flashing headlights alone.
  • Always use seat belts. It’s the law and may save your life in the event of an accident
  • In the rare event that you are approached by a stranger who demands your valuables, do not resist. Your well-being is more important than your belongings.
  • Do not drink alcoholic beverages and drive. Open alcoholic beverages are prohibited in the vehicle.
  • Do not give strangers a ride under any circumstances.
  • Always be aware of the pedestrian traffic around your vehicle. Always park in well lighted areas. Have car keys in hand and check the surrounding areas and vehicle's interior before entering.
  • Never leave your vehicle unattended with the motor running.