Benefits of Modernization Project

Increased Efficiency

The dual haul system replaces the single haul system of the old tram, which worked like a giant clothes-line, requiring the Tram cars to be always situated opposite each other. The dual haul system means there are two separate Tram systems, each cabin operating independently of the other, in its own “lane”. As a result, during peak travel periods both cabins can pick up passengers from the busier terminal at the same time, increasing rush hour capacity. During periods of low passenger travel, one cabin can remain in a station undergoing preventive maintenance, cleaning and other routine servicing, while the other cabin continues to transport passengers.

Increased Stability

The dual haul system allows for a wider track on which the two cabins ride. Each cabin, riding on a wider gauge track lane will be more stable in winds up to fifty (50) miles per hour.

Reduced Downtime

The ability to operate one cabin while the other is being serviced at a terminal reduces “down time” as the entire system does not have to be shut down for routine maintenance.

Energy Efficiency

The flexibility of two independent lanes so one can be shut down when extra capacity is not required, along with other innovations, makes the new aerial tramway system even more energy efficient than before.

Reduced Impact of Malfunctions

Back-ups are built into the entire system so that malfunctions, such as electrical outages, are minimized. Each cabin lane is serviced by two (2) independent motors which are reinforced by two back up motors. These, in turn, are backed up by four (4) independent generators which can support any of the motors in the event there is a power failure.

Cabins Always Return to Stations

An independent retrieval system operated by a clamp attached to the haul rope and powered by a back up motor can be activated in the remote event of a complete electrical or mechanical malfunction, eliminating need for high level rescue.

Reduced Maintenance & Operating Costs

As a result of all the innovations and redundancies, reduced operating and maintenance problems are projected. This translates into better service for aerial tramway passengers.