Roosevelt Island Bike Safety Signage

RIOC has heard the community's concerns regarding the influx of cyclists on Roosevelt Island and the failure to adhere to NYC bike safety laws.

On Thursday, July 30th, weather permitting, we will begin installing the below signage around the island:

Yield to Pedestrian signs: 20 signs. Eight located on the East Promenade and 12 located on the West Promenade.

Walk Your Bike signs: Four signs. Two located on the East Promenade, from Blackwell Park to Firefighters Field, and two on the West Promenade, behind the Octagon building.

Bike Sign with Arrow: Two signs. One sign pointing cyclists to enter the road between the Helix and Al Lewis Playground, leading them to bike on the East Promenade. One sign pointing cyclists towards the Meditation Steps to bike on the West Promenade.

Bike sign with Wrong Way and Ride with Traffic: One sign, placed at the end of the Meditation Steps to discourage riders from riding south on East Main Street, past the subway station.

The goal of this signage, if followed correctly by riders, is to divert them before they arrive on Main Street. RIOC will also be looking into additional signage, as needed, to be placed in other areas of concern.

Please look at the map locations below for further detail.

Bike Signage Locations