Early Dismissal- Summer Day Camp Program

Dear Parents & Guardians:

As New York City confidently entered Phase 3, the decision served as a sound judgment on how all organizations and agencies, like RIOC, would be proceeding forward with reopening and re-assimilation of programs.

We would like to offer clear communications on recent news of a non-front-line staffer experiencing COVID-19 like symptoms.

RIOC immediately followed up using best practices and emergency protocols that we have in place. The staff member was provided with free testing and support as needed. As we wait for test results, we have quarantined any other staff member who has come in close contact, and have unanimously decided to pause our summer day camp program until we receive clearance to continue moving forward.

RIOC acknowledges the uncertainty this information can bring upon our Roosevelt Island community and we assure you that the corporation is taking preventative measures to continue providing:

  • Safety Protocols and Procedures
  • Continued COVID-19 Risk Management Trainings
  • Continued Updates
  • Counseling resources
  • Testing resources: Free COVID-19 testing: Text "COVID TEST" to 855-48 for sites near you. Free COVID-19 Antibody testing: appointments.bioreference.com/nyc
  • RIOC and the Youth Center would like to echo New York York State and continue to make careful and deliberate decisions through intensive planning as we move into Phase 4 collectively.

Please reach out with any questions or concerns you might have. We are here as a community together. All info and feedback is valuable and necessary.


Erica Spencer-EL, Director- Communications & Community Affairs

Ana Medina, Assistant Director- Youth Center